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Who Uses LogQS

Cloud Engineers

Augment existing workflows with our features. Infrastructure flexibility and easy integrations let you focus on creating value without worrying about the implementation details.

Robotics Engineers

Utilize a familiar interface for those already working in robotics to get set up and operating quickly. Switch contexts easily and start working out of the cloud with little friction.

ML/AI Engineers

Leverage the power of the cloud without worrying about the complexity and cost of log data. Integrate quickly with the REST API to build pipelines allowing you to focus on building and improving your models.

Project Managers

Our easy-to-use, non-programmatic web interface allow everyone involved with a data science project to have visibility into the log workflow. Visualize logs and manage Data Stores directly from the web.

LogQS Features

With LogQS, you have access to your cloud-stored log data from a powerful and flexible API.

Cloud-Native Storage

Whether your logs are already stored in the cloud or you need a place to upload new logs, LogQS has you covered. Our service provides either an integration with existing cloud storage solutions where your data is now or we a flexible API for uploading your logs directly to LogQS.


Once your logs are in the cloud, we process them through a fully automated ingestion process. View your logs the accompanying metadata through the API as processing occurs. Have full visibility into the ingestion process through our provided web apps.


Once your data has been ingested, explore them through our REST API. Query against record message data, create new topics and records to augment existing logs, and build out custom pipelines to solve any of your on-demand data requirements.


If working with downloaded log files makes more sense for your workflow, LogQS can facilitate your needs. Build extractions based on subsets of topics and time ranges from ingested logs to use only the data you need, saving you time and money in the process.

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